The 2018 Novice Show


We promoted this event for the sole purpose of giving physique athletes and aspiring physique athletes a vessal to test the waters of competition within a low pressure setting; and at a fair and equitable price. The ladies and gentlemen who participated in our inaugral event were pioneers, and have set the tone for upcoming events.

Eligibility: Open to all athletes (Teens and Masters must bring proof of age). Novice must not have won any   overall contests or placed in the top 2 of any bodybuilding, bikini, figure or physique contest. No NPC or ABA/INBA card or registration required.

Important Information: Prejudging Starts @ 12:00 pm; Finals Start @ 3:00 pm

The Judges


NO VIDEO EQUIPMENT OR CAMERAS ALLOWED IN THE VENUE. NO EXCEPTIONS! (Video/Pictures may be purchased which includes Prejudging and Main Show. (Pending on show, price may vary)

CD ONLY FOR BODYBUILDING.  ALL OTHER MUSIC PROVIDED BY PROMOTER. Main show posing limited to 90 seconds with music. Bring your music already cued at check-in. (Quality recorded, cued, & proper mp3/mp4 format on a CD-R disc)

First through Third in each class. Overall Trophy for each Class that has 2 or more groups;   and Best Presentation Award for Bodybuilding.

Time to Register

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